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Lisa Schick, Owner 

Lisa Schick was in the travel industry for 25 years in various roles, with the majority spent as an Independent Travel Agent specializing in luxury and wellness travel. The experience of living and working in Afghanistan while providing travel services to the Canadian military, really changed Lisa's outlook on how precious life is, and she knew she wanted to do more to help others. 

Lisa's passion for alternative health led her on a new journey of working in health and wellness since 2020. Discovering Live Blood Analysis and what you can see in blood was a real eye opener and led Lisa to study and learn about Live Blood. 

Working one on one with clients and helping people make changes to their health and lifestyle is so rewarding as we are all on a health journey. 

Lisa is currently based in three location including Mississauga, Hamilton (Stoney Creek) and the Cornwall area once a month. 

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