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Psychosomatic Energetics (PSE)
Rubimed Therapy

The aim of every treatment is to detect and treat emotional blockages that deprive us from our life energy using a test device. In this way, stuck energy is brought back into flow and a solid base for physical and mental well-being. Special homeopathic remedies are used that can easily be combined with other therapy methods.

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The testing takes place in 3 steps:
1. determining your energy values with muscle testing
2. testing your blockages
3. determining the therapeutic agents required in your case

The goal of a treatment includes:
- to dissolve exiting blockages
- to increase the energy values
- to bring body, mind and soul into balance
- to stimulate self-healing powers
- to increase the general well-being

In this process-based therapy, the remedies will serve to dissolve the emotional blocks, restore the energy flow, revitalize life energy and begin the self healing journey. 

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