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Live Blood  Analysis
Appointment - 1 Hour

In the first appointment, we go over your health background, and then we take a sample of blood with a small prick of the finger using a lancet. We place the sample on a dark field microscope, and then we view it live on a monitor. We go through the slide and point out all the different things we see in the blood and provide recommendations.

Live Blood - Follow Up
45 Minutes

Follow-up appointments are usually 6 to 8 weeks after the initial appointment. We take a sample of blood every time as we always look at it "live."  We place it on the microscope to see what changes have occurred in the blood. We go through the changes and next steps. It is very exciting to see the changes in the blood when you follow the protocols and make healthy changes to food, water, lifestyle and stress. 

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Psychosomatics Energetics
Rubimed Therapy, an Energy Medicine
1 Hour $90.00

Psychosomatic Energetic (PSE) is an assessment of the energetic relationship between the mind and body. When energies are out of balance, this may contribute to feelings of stress, discomfort, anxiety, etc.  We do muscle testing while wearing a vial of energy medicine, and your body will react to the chakras and emotions that are out of balance. The next step is to identify the correct remedies. These remedies, when taken, will dissolve the emotional blocks, restore the energy flow, and revitalize and restore life energy.

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Group Promotion - Live Blood Analysis 

Inspire friends & family to look at the health of their blood.

Book a minimum of 4 people on the same day and receive ONE live blood analysis for free. Lisa can travel to your location as well. Contact Lisa directly for more information.

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