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Live Blood Cell Analysis

Live Blood Analysis is the use of a high-resolution dark field microscope to observe your red blood cells, immune system (white blood cells) and the plasma (river that carries the blood through our body). 

A small drop of blood is taken from the finger with a lancet. We put the blood on a slide and place the slide under the microscope.

The blood is then viewed "live" on a monitor, and we go through the slide and point out everything seen. 

Healthy Blood (2).png

What can be seen in the blood: 

  • Stress

  • Parasites (worms)

  • Bacteria

  • Acidity

  • Liver Toxins

  • Inflammation

  • Undigested Food (Leaky Gut)

  • Dehydration

  • And more...​

Blood transports oxygen and nutrients throughout the entire body to maintain health. Looking at the blood is a great way of seeing live what is happening inside our bodies and an incentive to make dietary and lifestyle changes.

​Book your appointment today to see what is in your blood. 

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GROUP PROMOTION - Live Blood Analysis

Inspire friends & family to look at the health of their blood.

Book a minimum of 4 people on the same day and receive ONE live blood analysis for free. Lisa can travel to your location as well. Contact Lisa directly for more information.

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